Instagram Will Start Showing Video Views Like on Facebook

We like measurables on social media.

When you post a photo of your smashed avocado at brunch, you don’t want to be in the dark about how well it was received. Likes can therefore be a great indicator of how much your friends and followers appreciate envy your breakfast.

So what about videos? How will we ever know how much traction our mini motion pictures are getting on Instagram?

Thankfully, the photo sharing app will now be adding a feature that adds up the video views in the same way that Facebook does, according to Mashable.

Like its social media predecessor, it will count a view as at least three seconds watched, which, considering the videos automatically start playing as you scroll through, is fairly generous.

These views will start appearing in the corner below videos posted in the coming weeks.

This comes off the back of Instagram introducing 60-second ads just in time for Super Bowl. Prior to this, the social media platform was limited to 15 and 30 second clips.

Given the power of brands and celebrities on Instagram, and the incredible amount of cash they can expect to receive for their posts, it’s no wonder they’ve started to tap into this area of data.

And although the app is better known for its still photos, it’ll be hoping to change all that by making the platform that much more welcoming towards video ads.