Instagram Has Banned the Hashtag #Curvy… And Users Are Fighting Back

If you search the hashtag “curvy” on Instagram, you won’t find it.

That’s because it’s been banned from the photo sharing site. Yes, seriously.

The company says that the rationale behind the decision was the fact that porn companies were using the term to share content. They also claimed that other users were using the hashtag to share images that violate their guidelines around nudity.

But at a time when society is finally beginning to embrace and celebrate fuller-figured women and plus-size models, it’s also used as an empowering term for body-proud women.

While #curvy has been removed, things like #thinspo – the hashtag that encourages females to post pictures of themselves looking skinny – still remains.

Oh, and #penis, #bitch, #hooker, and #fatso are there as well.

Not surprisingly, Instagram users aren’t happy – and have fired back with the hashtag #curvee.