Instagram Finally Makes a Meaningful Change to Its Website

Anyone who’s ever logged onto Instagram’s website (not the app) understands how frustrating and pointless the site seemed.

Yes, you could scroll through your home page and see out what your friends had recently shared. But there was no way to check your notifications, which in Instagram terms is basically social oblivion.

But now, to take your Instagram game to the next level, and to ensure that you never miss out of a notification again, the photo sharing service has (finally) enhanced its website, so you can still use its services without having to use your phone.


Instagram has rolled out its new notification tab, which shows you all of the recent updates related to your account. You can now see who has tagged you, followed you, liked your posts, or made a comment.

And yes, we understand that you could just check your phone for your notifications, but scrolling through your phone at work is a tad more obvious than using your desktop.

The only flaw is that you still can’t add photos through the website, but hopefully that will be in the works for the next update.