Instagram Camera Concept Launched

Photo-loving young professionals across the globe may have something to get excited about. Instagram could be available in the flesh for users to actually touch and feel. ADR Studios has developed a tangible Instagram Socialmatic Camera concept design that is modeled after the software’s mobile App icon, an idea that came to 36-year-old graphic designer Antonio De Rosa when he imagined the Instagram icon as a real life digital instant film camera. the Instagram Socialmatic Camera is the result, a camera that could to revive the Polaroid movement.

The Polaroid movement?! Yes. The camera features a printer that produces photos on sticky strips for easy sharing and likely attracting new friends. The internal printer features four colour tanks to produce the same instagram filters we have grown to love in recent months. The camera would also feature 16GB of storage, a large 4:3-inch touchscreen, interchangeable lens, optical zoom, LED flash, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Its retro look is reminiscent of cameras past, but there is nothing old school about the small-scale design and all its capabilities.

Sorry to get your hopes up, but this coveted invention is sadly still only a concept. As we patiently wait for the real thing, you can support the concept through IndieGogo, a global funding site. De Rosa is asking for 50k to take the first steps to turn this concept into reality, a cost it will take to start the company and create the first non-working prototype.

Although some may claim that the whole point of Instagram is the ability to use your phone instead of carrying an extra camera, if you have the extra cash (we expect this to come at a hefty price) this looks like a lot of fun to us. It would be great if it came out for holiday season but, according to De Rosa, the hope is for the middle of 2013.