Instagram Account Swaps All of Our Favourite Junk Food Logos With Calorie Counts

Even the most virtuous, health food-eating among us still have the occasional fast food pig out.

In fact, any time we crack a bottle of beer or pull the vodka out of the freezer, we’re basically throwing calorie caution to the wind.

We already knew that portion sizes have grown exponentially in the last few decades.

But if we didn’t realize the extent to which we ruin a diet every time we tuck into a bag of chips, or keep dipping into the Nutella, an Instagram account called Calorie Brands is letting us know in no uncertain terms.

The account shows pictures of junk foods like Skittles and McDonald’s fries, but instead of hiding the calorie count in the fine print on the back, the numbers are front and centre – emblazoned boldly where the logo is. A whole can of Pringles contains 1320 calories – and as the witty caption reminds us, “Once you pop, you can’t wear that top.” Oreos, which rack up a shocking 1905 calories in a single packet, instruct us to “Twist, lick, dunk, unfit.” Which makes you wonder: if the nutritional information was actually displayed like this on the shelves, would it make us question our fast food purchases? Or would we still be tempted? It’s certainly food for thought.

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