Innovative Tech ‘Glove’ Lets You Type on Any Surface With Your Hand

We’ve all had awkward typos in our lives – some worse than others.

Which is why we’re relieved that there’s a new invention that promises to increase your typing accuracy to 99 per cent.

‘The Glove’ by Tap Strap allows you to tap to type. Revamping the traditional keyboard to account for the decline in desktop input, The Glove is worn on the hand and allows users to tap on any surface. The device is pulled on to the hand (left or right) like a glove and has holes for the thumb. You can also wear the glove on both hands for two-handed typing.

Three taps of the thumb will switch The Glove on and three taps of the ring finger will switch it off. The movement of the hands and fingers is controlled by sensors embedded in the strap, and different fingers are tapped in different combinations to type different characters.

This feature makes it more accurate than voice input.

The five vowels are typed by tapping one of the fingers or the thumb once, and tapping two or more digits together produces other characters. Letters, numbers, punctuation, and special characters can all be typed. If it sounds like a lot of work, the company offers an accompanying app called TapGenius that promises to teach users how to type in about an hour.

The Glove is Bluetooth enabled and works on any mobile phone. It’s currently in the beta phase and available to select users in San Francisco, but the company expects them to ship commercially before the end of the year. It will retail for $119 USD.