Indiegogo Leads to Prosperous Campaigns for 7 Canadian Startups

If you’re looking to launch a business but don’t have the cash, Indiegogo may just be the solution you’re looking for.  

Often recognized as the best option for international campaigners, IndieGogo is the largest crowdfunding platform in the world and a launch pad for countless up-and-coming Canadian entrepreneurs.

In fact, here are just a few of the notable companies set to go on to big things after successful Indiegogo campaigns.

1. Signul (Vancouver)
Signul is the solution for the scatterbrain.  

Signul is a “personal beacon system” for your smartphone that will send you alerts and reminders based on your location. For example, receive a reminder with the names of the people in your weekly meeting, or have your phone text you if you forgot your bag at home. The campaign has already raised $34,911 and is live until Oct. 31. Contributors can expect delivery by Feb. 2015.

2. The Sandman (Toronto)
Lovers of both gruesome horror flicks and Iggy Pop may want to support the making of Dario Argento’s latest horror flick, The Sandman, staring Iggy Pop.

The campaign launched Oct. 8 and has already raised $43,332. Crowdfunding the film allows you to become an associate producer, with fun perks like access to the production diary, time on set, and lunch with Iggy (which could be, um, interesting). They’re live until Nov. 8.

3. Core Wireless Speaker (Toronto)
The Core wireless speaker has just become the most funded Canadian campaign on Indiegogo ever, surpassing The Matterform 3D Scanner.

It uses a new sound technology that claims to overcome all the shortcomings of surround sound. It’s already raised $785,300 (its initial goal was $48,000) and has garnered a ton of international buzz, showing how far crowdfunding can take you if your idea catches.

4. FuelWear (Toronto)
This may be the solution to another cold as hell Canadian winter.

FuelWear is a “rechargeable flame base layer” with a sensor that continuously monitors your body’s temperature, releasing heat on a need-be basis. Think of it as long underwear with smart technology (aka: the future staple of every Canadian winter wardrobe and ski day). The campaign has now raised $70,950 – well over its original goal of $20,000. Founders Alex Huang and Jason Yakimovich are both undergrad students at UofT’s engineering department. The campaign runs until November 7th, and those who support can expect product delivery by December.

5. Pawly (Toronto)
Pawly gives you one more reason to become a pet owner.

Pawly is a device for pet owners who can’t help but feel guilty about leaving their pets home alone. Equipped with a high definition camera, video, audio, and remote control, it allows you to interact real-time with your pet (seriously) over a smartphone, even including a “treat blasting” option. Pawly was last year’s winner of the Global Startup Battle, and in just over a month of being on Indiegogo has already raised $37,375. The campaign is live until Oct. 30, and contributors can reserve the product on Indiegogo now.

6. OSGEMEOS’s Transformation of the Industrial Silos at the Vancouver Biennale (Vancouver)
The public is just as passionate about investing in art as they are about giving money to tech and film.

A highly successful community/arts campaign that just wrapped on Sept. 21 in Vancouver by OSGEMEOS, two Brazilian artists (and identical twins) who have taken the contemporary world by storm. Their biggest project to date – and their first in Canada – involved the design and creation of a giant mural on the six gigantic industrial Ocean Concrete silos on Vancouver’s Granville Island.

The location attracts 10.5 million visitors a year from around the globe, so the mural will surely become one of the most recognizable works of public art anywhere in the world. That could be why the campaign raised $70,335.

7. Help Build Notman House, la Maison du Web (Montreal)
The Notman House is a hub for entrepreneurs, students, and start-ups in Montreal.

It’s 2012 campaign to raise money to buy the land and grow the office space for early stage startups raised $120,548 of a $100,000 goal. The project involved renovations that will double the amount of office space for early stage Startups, doubling capacity for the event space, and building a brand new cafe open to the public.


Cover from: OSGEMEOS Transforming Industrial Silos at the Vancouver Biennale

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