Indiana Jones was in a Plane Crash Last Night…For Real

One of your favourite childhood action heroes was unfortunately forced to take method acting to new heights (or lows) last night. Luckily, Harrison Ford is 72-years-old and 700 times more badass than you’ll ever be.

Not only was the Indiana Jones actor flying a WWII plane, he was able to pull off an emergency crash landing in a golf course after it stalled just after take off. 

‘Cause it turns out Harrison Ford is the greatest method actor of all time.

An experienced pilot and earing wearer, this wasn’t Ford’s first brush with danger. More than a decade ago the swashbuckling actor rescued a missing Boy Scout with his helicopter and has also volunteered his services during forest-fire season. 

Basically, Harrison Ford is the world’s greatest action hero when he’s not acting like the world’s greatest action here.

Although reportedly pretty banged up after the experience, the actor is expected to make a full recovery. Probably helped in some way by the fact that when you crash land your plane on a golf course in Santa Monica there are doctors around to treat you even before the paramedics arrive (seriously, this happened).

So while we wish the actor a speedy recovery we can’t help but think maybe next time he just shouldn’t fly…solo. (Sorry, we had to.)

You can check out Ford being helped by emergency crews here. Courtesy of TMZ, obviously:


Cover image from: KTLA

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