In Review: Everyone Is An Artist

Joseph Beuys famously said “Everyone is an artist,” referring to his belief in a universal human creativity and the power of art to bring about revolutionary change. On this belief, Kyle Kofsky, Founder of Everyone Is An Artist, started his agency of collective artists in Toronto. By opening an agency that offers many services and programs, from production and consultation to representation and full management, Kyle and his vibrant team have been able to bring forth Toronto’s full art potential by working with and promoting passionate, upcoming artists along with Toronto’s most sought-after clients.   


How did Everyone Is An Artist evolve and become what it is today? What was your inspiration to start such an amazing business for the art world?
Almost 4 years ago now I left an agency with plans to figure out my next step. A Montreal-based pharma company that was coming to Toronto quickly approached me to produce, cast and direct a smaller corporate event. From that job on, Everyone Is An Artist was born. Later that year I was hired on as casting director for the Bollywood blockbuster Thank You, which was filming in Toronto as well as all around the world. EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST worked with over 4000 performers on that film and was instantly known as a contender in the Film/TV world from that point on. My inspiration was simply that, in my experience, working with every other agency and group, no one cared about the actual performer and how their career would be shaped and develop. They just cared about the bottom line and the commission monies coming in. At Everyone Is An Artist we work with Artists across all industries and help to develop their goals and execute their objectives.


Where do you see Everyone Is An Artist in the next 5 years?
Everyone Is An Artist has kept a very Toronto centric presence in the art world and in 2013 we go more international then ever as we direct a major body product campaign. This is the direction we are going, working with amazing organizations and companies all over the world; developing their brand and bringing our artists to the forefront of the art world. In 5 years I hope to still be helping and working with every type of artist in Toronto, while having these major campaigns and projects fund the rest of the development. Everyone Is An Artist has produced 9 films that have incorporated over 300 of its artists and will continue to create productions, allowing these artists to learn and develop.

In one sentence how would you best describe Everyone Is An Artist?
Everyone Is An Artist is consultation, management, production and representation for all artists and all types of projects.

What are some new and exciting projects that Everyone Is An Artist are working on right now that you would love our YPs to know about?
Everyone Is An Artist is directing the campaign for, a new body product line launching in 2013. As Founder of Everyone Is An Artist, I have taken on directing the campaign. As well, I have recently been hired as the Editor-in-Chief of PRODUCT, Toronto’s new monthly feature magazine, in print and online.


As someone who speaks and deals with artists daily, are there any new upcoming artists showing their work that our YPs can check out or look in to?
Keep an eye on Callum Shuster, Ricky Kruger, Zenon Turczyn and Breeyn McCarney in 2013, these artists will be shaping and defining the fine art, fashion and film in Toronto and around the world. Also, everyone at PRODUCT – this magazine is fast becoming the most popular and in-demand print mag in the city. Our plans for 2013 are amazing and we will continue to celebrate the consummate and congratulate the cool.

What is your most favourite part of what you do?
That I love what I do and get to do it every day. Working with people to help them do what they love, too.

What do you think Toronto strong points are in the art hub in Canada? What’s lacking?
We rely too heavily on the outside world to define what we do and when we do it. We need to create an industry of our own in the city and help that thrive. It’s not about getting to New York, Paris or LA, it’s about doing what we do and doing it here in Toronto.