In-Flight Inspiration: This Flight Attendant Leaves Motivational Notes on Passenger’s Windows

Flight attendants are paid to be friendly.

They smile when you ask dumb questions, pretend to love your loud, insufferable children, and if you’re really lucky, sometimes they even give you the entire can of tomato juice.

As therapeutic as that attitude is during times of tense travel, there’s quite a long haul between “friendly” and downright “angelic & inspirational.” Which is why most flight attendants don’t have 121,000 followers on Instagram.

Taylor Tippet does.

Taylor started #WordsFromTheWindowSeat and since reminding an unsuspecting passenger just over a year ago to, “be kind to yourself,” she and her special brand of care-y-on have taken off.

“If I’m not encouraging and inspiring others, what am I doing with my life? What am I doing with my time here?”

During #adultTAYcation, I was sitting outside of a coffee shop in Venice, when I had the kindest man sit down with me and talk to me about life for over an hour. We started talking about our tattoos and what they mean to both of us and he had one that has made me smile for a few weeks now. “Don’t look back boy” was a phrase that one of the best pitchers and hall of famers, Satchel Paige, said in a news paper article. Paige made a list of his own personal 6 rules to have a long life. Sitting outside talking to my new friend Nathan, hearing why he got those words written on his arm, filled me up. There are so many nasty things and junk we have that we walk around with. Situations, hurt, shame, and regrets. We live it in, we let it fog up our conscious and let it affect our joy. And I was simply encouraged by these 4 words written on my new friends arm. Don’t look back boy. Let’s start remembering that. #wordsfromthewindowseat

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Most people in her shoes would just be happy with the free flights to Paris.

There have been instances where notes have left passengers more confused than comforted. After all, what does it mean when you board an overseas flight and find out from an anonymous source that “you’re already invited”?

“I’ve had some cases, even friends of mine, where they take the note up, and people, like, freak out,” she tells Seeker Stories. “They’re like, ‘what is this??…this is not supposed to be here’.”

Technically, they’re right. But when “this” is a message that reads, “your joy is always worth it,” I’d be more worried about the food. Tippet seems like pure good.

“There’s nothing like your office being in the sky,” says Tippet. “…flying on a metal tube, and meeting like, three hundred-plus people a day, and just knowing that your smile and your kindness matters.”

Talk about low cabin pressure. I’ll go where she’s going.