Impressive Lineup Kicks Off Montreal Fashion Week Today

We already raved about the programming that was announced last month for this edition of Montreal’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014, and now the time has finally arrived! The event celebrates its 25th anniversary starting today until September 6th at the beautiful Arsenal contemporary art complex, and tens of thousands of industry professionals and fashion lovers are expected to attend.

Since a lot of us YPs have to work during the day, we’re giving you a snapshot of the shows and events you can run to during post-office hours. It’s a good thing most office attire can be transitional and worn day to night these days, isn’t it?

Here are the shows and events you should look into attending:

Tuesday – Sep. 3

8pm: Fashion Premiere: From the Runway to the Film presented by Target.

A series of films featuring local designers including “Soul Design” UNTLLD Réalisation Dominique Loubier, “No(where)” Now(here) Design Yin Gao Réalisation Curious, “I’ll get there” Design Domingo Rodriguez Réalisation Benjamin Lussier, “Fall & Winter 2013” Design Malorie Urbanovitch Réalisation Aaron Pedersen and “Follow me” Design BODYBAG by Jude Réalisation Yola van Leeuwenkamp (Mtl) 

9:30pm: UNTTLD

Simon Bélanger & José Manuel St-Jacques are the designers of UNTTLD, a brand founded in 2011. Always unique, creative and mesmerizing, this is a must-see.

Wednesday – Sep.4

6:30pm: Lecture: Grace Kelly, a Lesson in Style by Jean-Claude Poitras.

A major figure in Quebec fashion and design, Jean-Claude Poitras has created styles that underscore his internationally recognized talent. In this lecture, he will discuss the influence of Grace Kelly on style and fashion. This event is free with limited seating. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly – Beyond the Icon at the McCord Museum.

Thursday – Sep. 5

6:30pm: Nisse Pret-a-Porter

Nisse was launched in 2004 by designer Nargisse E. Akyuz. Since then, she reinvents women’s wardrobe using the perfect balance between functionality and elegance. Her S/S 2014 collection will reveal frank and refined lines with inspirations from the 60s and from the circular forms created by the dancing Dervishes.

8:30pm: Rush Couture

Jamaican-born designer Claudette Floyd has made her mark in Quebec for 16 years creating pieces designed for all women who want to be elegant and feminine. This S/S 2014 collection combines comfort and sensuality. From dresses to pants and skirts, YP ladies will love these effortlessly chic pieces! 

Friday – Sep. 6

4:30 PM: Brit Wacher

Debuting her Spring/Summer ’14 collection “The Intolerable Space Between” Brit Wacher celebrates the subtle obscurities found in everyday life through a mix of shapes, over-exaggerated details, and the blending of fabrics. Get ready to be transported into a world of mystery and intrigue, of clarity and confusion, of physical and abstract

8:30pm: Travis Taddeo

Travis Taddeo has gained a loyal following among fashion risk-takers by pushing and overcoming the conventional expectations established for Canadian fashion design. His S/S 2014 collection evokes the easygoing grace and allure of a budding, fresh and raw morning. 

9:30 pm: Martin Lim

MARTIN LIM is the fusion of two cultures, two worlds, but mainly the merger of two designers who proved themselves on the international level; they are Danielle MARTIN & Pao LIM. Their S/S 2014 inspiration, Medusa, is attracted to the fresh saltwater breeze from seaside getaways, constantly looking for the spontaneity from her summer escapes, all the while being passionately committed to urban comfort… sounds captivating! 

For tickets, visit Montreal Fashion Week and make sure to come support local talent!


Cover Image: Sensation Mode