IKEA is Releasing a Dinner Placemat With a Smartphone Pocket to Discourage Phone Use

Knowledge is starting to spread that social media and cell phone addiction are ruining society.

Or ruining dinners, at least.

Well, IKEA has set out to save us all, releasing a limited edition collection of dinnerware that includes a placement with designated phone pocket. Aptly called “Logged Out,” it aims to create a separation between dinner and cell phone.

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty meek attempt to curb technology addiction. The fabric is translucent, which means you can still see every notification as it lights up your screen. Those with weak self-restraint – which is most of us when it comes to our phones – probably won’t be able to deal with the torment of a flashing placemat.

A much more practical solution would be to set a time lock during the half hour or so you’ll be dining.

Yes, treating yourself like a child is the solution here.