IKEA Created a Replica Syrian Home in One of Their Stores

Customers of the IKEA store in Slependen, Norway recently got a dose of reality along with some home inspiration.

Among the usual carefully curated IKEA vignettes they found a replica Syrian home.

It was part of a powerful campaign in collaboration with Norwegian Red Cross and advertising agency POL designed to highlight the horrible living conditions of Syrian refugees.


A replica of an actual home in Syria inhabited by a woman and her family of nine, the walk-through installation fits inside 25 square meters. When the original home’s occupants had to flee for safety, they didn’t have money for things like mattresses, blankets or clothes.


Lined with IKEA posters that tell the stories of hardships experienced by Syrians, a visit through the home is an eye-opening one.


While the product descriptions depict the realities of an absence of basic needs like food, water and medical supplies, each price tag includes a donate link to those who want to help the cause.

This isn’t the first time IKEA has gotten behind the Syrian refugee cause; the company has even recently designed temporary housing for Syrian refugees.

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