If You’ve Been Stalling On Creating a Site You’ll Love This New Service

This is a sponsored article by GoDaddy.

Seeing as it’s 2019, if you own a small business or side hustle, chances are you most likely have been thinking of creating a website.

But spending your precious marketing budget on hosting your domain name, designing your site and creating copy is pointless if you’re not using all of these tools together in addition to tactics that will actually help you attract the right people to your products or services.

Many small business owners admit to not having a website. If this is you don’t fret. The first step is getting started.

Step 1: Create Your Site

The most intimidating part about creating your own site can be trying to navigate buying a domain name, and trying to get a grasp on html or web development to try and get yourself set up. If you’re still stuck on this step you’re thinking is outdated. Tools like GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing make this step easier than ever. All you do is choose your industry, type in your business name and a personalized professional looking template appears on a free domain name. Feel free to add photos, pages and more than 20 different applications to create a full-featured website. These applications make it easy to customize your website to reflect your brand.

What’s more, your new site is able to be edited from a desktop or a mobile device. Unlike other website builders, switching the design doesn’t require starting from scratch; small business owners can change the look of their entire site while keeping content intact.

Step 2: Reach The Right Customers

Once you have a website you love and feel properly represents your brand, it’s time to reach your customers. To help with this, GoDaddy, paired its web tools with a smart technology that delivers tailored guidance, that will help you determine “what should I do next” to achieve your goals. GoDaddy InSight™, delivers recommendations powered by anonymized data from millions of websites, and gives small businesses an action plan powered by data science, to help find new customers and engage more deeply with existing ones with minimal effort.

Also, websites and tools integrate with the world’s biggest social media platforms so you’re able to gather relevant data and see how your messages are resonating with audiences across your digital channels. Even if you’ve tried before and abandoned your website, rethink a second attempt at building a successful online presence – GoDaddy Websites + Marketing suite of tools, such as Website Builder and InSight™,  helps to make this easier than ever to get started.

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This is a sponsored article by GoDaddy.