If Your Coffee is Too Bitter Try Adding Salt Instead of Sugar

Do terrible thoughts ever cross your mind, like suing your nephew for giving you a hug or stealing a baby in a crowded mall during Christmas?

Well, you may want to ease up on bitter foods, you psychopath.

Sure, it’s easy to refrain from consuming dandelion greens and gourds because they suck, but what about coffee? The only thing more insane than acting like a lunatic is cutting coffee from your life. Or worse, adding sugar.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but adding salt to your java may be the answer to reducing bitterness.

Salt is sodium chloride and liberates sodium ions when mixed in an aqueous solution. These ions not only suppress bitterness, they also enhance the flavour, as backed by a Serious Eats commenter who tells the story of a woman at their office who is in charge of making cheap, Wal-Mart brand coffee taste great with salt.

If the idea of adding salt to your brewed coffee turns you off, you can even add it to the powder or beans before brewing for a more stealth approach. You can also take solace in the fact that you’re not alone – adding salt to coffee is a matter of routine in countries like Turkey, Sweden, and Hungary.

Sure as hell sounds better than contaminating it with butter and Brain Octane.