Hilarious Lebanese Ice Bucket Challenge Just Happened, Years Too Late

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that took over news feeds back in the summer of 2014?

While the epic viral fundraising challenge (which actually led to a major breakthrough in ALS research) isn’t easy to forget, not only was the campaign over years ago, it disappeared from social media almost as quickly as it came.

But for those with subpar Internet connections around the world, certain fads catch on much later than they do with others.

Advertising agency TBWA\Raad leveraged the former popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge to advertise Connect Internet in Lebanon. The “Ice Bucket Challenge — Lebanon” campaign does a great job at capturing the absurdity of a slow internet connection.

According to an agency rep, the campaign used “unscripted characters from remote areas in Lebanon” for the spots.

This video is worth a chuckle or two:

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