‘Humans of New York’ is Going to Raise Over $1 Million to Send Kids to Harvard

Humans of New York’ is one of the best things on the Internet – all it takes is one look at the comments on their Facebook page to restore your faith in humanity.

And now they’ve taken their do-good influence offline.

The popular New York-based photoblog – which has grown into a global multiple award-winning entity and bestselling book since its launch in 2010 – added to its long list of philanthropic efforts over the weekend by launching an Indiegogo fundraiser to send inner-city kids to Harvard.


With an initial goal of raising $100,000, the initiative currently stands at $700,000 raised with 11 days still remaining – a number we’ve seen increase by hundreds since we first drafted this post.

While not technically funding a Harvard education – HONY aren’t miracle workers – the inspirational trips for students of Brownsville, New York’s Mott Hall Bridges Academy will be incredibly effective in providing some of the most at-risk youth in the United States with a safe, educational summer. Details about the program can be found here.

We expect the total raised to exceed $1 million by mid-week.

Happy Monday.


Cover image from: HONY

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