How to Win Cyber Monday This Year

It’s Cyber Monday. 

In case you’re somehow unfamiliar, this means more young professionals (YPs) than ever before will be making major dents in their digital wallets today. 

With Black Friday craziness so far in the past, Cyber Monday is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of the season as retailers roll out major deals on discounted online merchandise. 

And according to a recent UPS survey, those ages 18-34 are more likely to purchase goods online than any other age. (We’re busy, after all.) With that said, it will be a total buzz kill if you’re not smart about your shopping and get duped by some clever cyber thieves. 

So here’s an idea, don’t give away your credit card or identity this season.

Based on seasoned experience, RSA Canada offers some advice on how to shop smart this Cyber Monday…

1. Reputation Matters
Purchase merchandise only from reputable sellers. Duh.

2. Only Shop Secure Websites
If you don’t know if a site is safe, look at the web address to see if there is an “s” following the http. The http”s” in the web address means the site is secure.


3. Don’t Be Naive
Follow ancient wisdom: If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. There may be hidden costs or conditions. We get you’re in the middle of your workday, but take time to find and read the fine print.

4. Protect Your Personal Information
Carefully read a site’s privacy policy and know what personal information is being requested and how it will be used. If a privacy policy is absent, it could be a warning sign that the site could sell your information without your permission.

5. Use Credit, Not Debit
Additional protection is typically provided through most major credit cards so avoid using your debit card whenever you can.  


6. Keep Track
Verify all purchases you’ve made with your card statements to make sure no unauthorized purchases have been made. Once you’ve made a purchase, save a copy of the confirmation page of the order (or emails confirming the order) until you receive the item and are happy with it. Don’t forget to get a tracking number.

7. Get Identity Theft Coverage
Okay, so maybe we’re a little paranoid, but if you’re still worried about online shopping, talk with your insurance agent about identity theft insurance.


We also recommend using your cellular data instead of a public Wi-Fi for a more secure online connection. Remember, just because you avoided a punch in the face on Black Friday doesn’t mean you can’t get a (virtual) black eye on Cyber Monday…


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