How to Throw the Holiday Party that Everyone Wants to Be At

It’s happening; eating, drinking and being merry is pretty much all there is to do.

The only downside is having to choose between all the holiday parties – and how long to stay at each spot.

If you want your party to be the one people want to be at, keep the following in mind:

Curate the Crowd Carefully
An eclectic guest list keeps the party interesting, so switch it up with a mixed bag and invite your high school friends, university roommates, coworkers, siblings, cousins and dating app connections – the more the merrier.

There’s No Such Thing As too Much Food
One thing that will have your guests leaving early is a lack of food (especially when free-flowing booze is involved). When it comes to quantity, you can never have too much food – especially shameless comfort food, for example, a tower of wrapped burgers from a local fast food spot and a make-your-own taco station.

Consider the Instagram Ops
A good party is one that ends up all over social media, making those who weren’t invited wish they were. Make it easy for your guests with Instagram-worthy photo ops like creative food spreads, a costume-filled photo booth, a unique mistletoe display or even Santa Claus.

The Music Matters
Sure, a well curated playlist helps your party-hosting cause, but nothing adds to the vibe of a house party like a little live music – whether a five-piece band or solo performer. If you have the budget, live music always shakes up any holiday gathering; Christmas classics become so much more danceable when performed live.

It’s All Fun and Games
The best parties are those that keep guests entertained with more than good conversation. Interactive elements can include anything from gift swaps to crowd-pleasing party games like categories, boozy musical chairs and statues (AKA the mannequin challenge – cue Rae Sremmurd).

Get Creative With Cocktails
Take it a step beyond basic beer and wine and offer your guests unique cocktails that will start conversations and help when it comes to shaking off holiday stress. For example, one of our go-tos is the “Hot Dram” – a festive cocktail that’s a honey crisp cider with the Pimento Baron Samedi Dram that is so good you need to let it sit for one week to get it just right.

The recipe:

To make the Baron Samedi Dram:
1 bottle Baron Samedi
Roughly cracked:
1 tsp pimento
1 tsp cloves
1 cinnamon stick
3oz Palm sugar syrup

Let sit for one week, agitating daily. Fine strain.

To make the cocktail:
2oz Baron Samedi Dram
.25oz of lemon
Top up with honey crisp cider

Stir with cinnamon stick & enjoy!