How to Plan The Best Staycation in the 6ix

It’s summer in the city and things are heating up.

It seems like all of sudden someone turned the switch on and we’ve got scorching hot weather for the next two months.

There’s nothing like taking a stroll in the park, sunglasses on, enjoying the warm July breeze. The simple things, like enjoying a popsicle or playing Frisbee with friends, takes on a whole new exciting tone when the sun doesn’t go down until 9pm.

But even though we’re getting tropical temperatures right here at home doesn’t mean you might not feel a little jealous when you see someone’s pictures in Europe or at the cottage on Instagram. However, I’m here to tell you that there is no need to feel any FOMO this summer – you can easily take a vacation right here in the city. It’s really not that hard.

For starters, get outside.

high park

High Park, Toronto

The beauty of the summertime is that virtually everything can be made more enjoyable by soaking in some sun. Want to spend a quiet afternoon reading? Go to the park. Need to squeeze in a workout? Find a playground and use the monkey bars as your equipment. It won’t cost you anything but enjoying the great outdoors will give you many benefits.

If you’re looking to escape from the city, you don’t have to look any further than the Islands.


One quick ferry ride and you’re in a new world of lush forests and beaches. It’s like taking a trip to Cancun or Punta Cana, only it costs less than $10.

Another great option is to check out a music festival.


With VELD and Digital Dreams, you don’t have to travel far to have a good experience. The fun of strobe lights, DJs, and dancing is just a subway ride away.

The warm weather doesn’t stay very long in the city, so it’s best to take full advantage of it. Make the most of your weekends and squeeze in some outdoor time on the weekdays, so come September, you’ll be ready to take on the cold winter months in stride.