How to Stay Positive When You Lose Your Job

Unemployment and getting laid off are inevitable parts of working life.

With a shaky economy, millennials work in a competitive and often challenging environment – and it’s more than likely that we’ll lose our jobs involuntarily at some point in our career.

Perhaps you were fired, or maybe you were let go when your company took a new direction – either way it, can be a pretty big blow to your ego

And sure, it sucks to get laid off, but there’s no need to despair. Here are some ways to turn your disappointing news into a positive and achieve your goals.

Figure Out What You Want
Unemployment might not seem like a golden opportunity has been handed to you, but if you take the opinion that everything happens for a reason, you can easily turn it around. Perhaps there were parts of your job that you didn’t enjoy – now you can seek out something where you’re doing more of the things you like. Have you been threatening to go it alone for years? Then now might be the time to take the plunge and dive into an exciting new business venture you’ve always been too afraid to try.

Take Time Off
The knee-jerk reaction to losing your job is to panic about money and how little you have saved. While we’re not suggesting you take a trip to Europe before your next job, remember that you’re probably going to find work before too long, so it’s OK to use this opportunity to hit the pause button. Ease yourself into the search by giving yourself a couple of days to chill out and enjoy your city, or go visit a friend who you’re always too busy to make time for. The job hunt will still be there when you get back.


Don’t Take it Personally
Unless you were actually fired due to poor work performance, chances are that your company’s decision to let you go has nothing to do with you personally. Don’t let it make you doubt yourself and your abilities – these things happen and you shouldn’t assume that it’s any reflection on your work. Now is the time to galvanize yourself and get organized. There’s no time to waste moping about what a failure you are – roll with the punches and move onto your next challenge.

You don’t necessarily have to start from square one when you’re searching for another job. You’ve probably gained a few contacts along the way, and if this isn’t your first job, you’ll have a whole wealth of connections in similar industries that (assuming you left on good terms with) you can reach out to. If none of these come to fruition, use social media or LinkedIn to get in contact with people you know who might have an in somewhere that you’d like to work. Even if you don’t feel like it, be sure to put yourself out there – the worst thing you can do is hide away after getting the heave ho.


Express Your Feelings
Losing a job can take a huge psychological toll on you, and while it’s important to not let your career define you, you should give your unemployment the attention it deserves. Don’t hide away and avoid friends and family who would love to lend an ear when you’re feeling down and come up with suggestions for your next move. Grieve for the loss of your job with a support network, or write about how you feel so you can address all the emotions you’re feeling.