How to Save Money on 6 Awesome Calgary Workouts

January is here and it’s time to stay true to those promises you made last year about getting in better shape. For all the yogis, spin masters, dancers, and cross-fit fanatics, here are some fantastic deals in town that will help you get into killer shape without spending a fortune.

If one of your resolutions for 2015 is to try new things (like, say, being in shape?) then you have an endless number of new workout options you can sign up for right now. 

Follow our tips on finding the best workouts in town, and by the first week of February we promise the term ‘body fat’ will be a foreign concept to you.

Trust us, the barre, the mat, and the bike are all waiting to kick your butt.

Get Shredded at Revolution Fitness
This month, plan to hang ten with a workout that will have you beach ready in no time.

Revolution Fitness, the only surf studio in Calgary, is currently offering a two-week intro pass that gets you 7 classes each week for only $45.

If you do the math, it’s the same as what you could easily drop on lattes at Starbucks every week, so skip the double vanilla shot skim this month and opt for a high tide experience instead.

Cycle to Your Heart’s Content
Peloton Cycle is passionate about cycling and offers clients some creative ways to get fit. For $50, new riders can take advantage of two-weeks of unlimited access, which is pretty enticing considering how far away we are from our next summer bike ride. For heart pumping entertainment you can take in a ‘Get Cranked’ class that will have you pedaling double-time.

Better yet, for those nights when you know you have to work out but just can’t find the motivation, the ‘Ride-in’ weekend class offers you the chance to spin at your own pace while watching a film with your fitness buddies. This sounds way healthier than hitting the couch with a bag of Miss Vickie’s.

Breath Deep at Yoga Passage
Hot yoga has been all the rage for the past few years but when you’re looking for a hot yoga class that won’t kill you with heat, Yoga Passage on 11th Avenue SW is a go-to spot.

Beyond hot yoga, this downtown studio offers a great selection of vinyasa and yoga flow classes that you can even sneak in on a lunch break. Newbies can also take advantage of their one month special that offers unlimited classes for $49.

Sweat it Out at The Sweat Lab
A little further out of downtown but still worth the drive, The Sweat Lab is offering two weeks unlimited access for $45. You’ll find a fun selection of classes that combine several workouts into one. For the full meal deal we suggest the ‘Spin, Strength, and Core’; a class that requires 60 minutes of intense will power as you pedal hard, lift weights, and end your sweat session on the yoga mat. This workout will humble even the most fit people.  

The 20 for 20 at Union Athletica
Take advantage of the first time for free policy at Union Athletica or refer a friend. With every referral you’ll get a free class in return (valued at $20). While not the most altruistic of workouts, this fitness haven has everything you could want for getting in shape. 

For people who love getting the most bang for their buck, Union Athletica offers fusions classes like Barre X that incorporate ballet, Pilates, and yoga to ensure you’re more toned and chiseled than a Greek god.

Be a Barre Star
That’s right, we said barre not bar, so put down those tall cans and wine glasses because you have work to do. Right now, Ballet Barre Works is offering new clients one free class, so anyone wanting to take advantage of this deal can sign up on Sundays between 12:30-1:30pm. And if the first class makes an impression, two weeks unlimited access for $40 is also something to consider. 


Cover image from: Union Athletica

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