How to Pick the Perfect Bottle of Wine for the Occasion

Wine is always a well-received go-to gift for everything from a dinner with the in-laws (or future in-laws) to a backyard BBQ or engagement party. In order to make the selection process a little less daunting, we wanted to plant a few seeds on things you can keep in mind when matching the right wine with the right occasion.

Ask the experts
Instead of wasting precious minutes of summer weather trying to navigate your way through the cornucopia of wine selections in a liquor or wine store, ask the experts for their seasoned suggestions. Experts can range from the liquor store employees, who come armed with knowledge of wines on the market, to your wine-loving friends and family. We’re willing to bet that at least one of your friends has taken a wine course at some point, so go ahead and ask for their notable opinion.

Don’t simply guess what will work once you hit the liquor store. Check out wine reviews and blogs beforehand to research what wines may be a good fit for the occasion and for the host. 

Consider the tastes of the hosts
If your mother-in-law is a sweet seeker, bring her a bottle of ice wine, moscato, or even a dessert wine (accompanied by a box of chocolates). If your boss is known to develop a carnivorous obsession with his BBQ the minute the snow melts, he would probably appreciate something full bodied and robust like a Cabernet Sauvignon – a winning complement to his steak or burger dinner.

Complement the menu
Choose a wine that marries well with both the occasion and the menu. If a seafood feast is in the cards, a delicate, light Riesling would make a good choice. If it’s a formal dinner party where the menu is unknown, go for something approachable and versatile like a Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay. 

Choose a wine with a story to tell.
Many great wines have a story to tell. Stories can stem from any notable facts from the region and conditions in which it is grown and bottled, to the businessperson behind the brand, the winery, or its unique style of branding and marketing. Why not keep it interesting? 

Trust your tastebuds
By this point, you should be able to trust that refined taste you’ve developed since your university keg party days. And remember: wine is subjective. Not everyone will like what you like, and that’s OK. Different tastes can make for great discussions.  

Stay tuned for more from the Apothic Wines Discovery Hub, where you will always discover something notable.