How to Make the Perfect Grey Goose Martini

Notable CEO Julian Brass recently got together with one of the best in biz – Global Grey Goose Ambassador Joe McCanta – to learn how to create the perfect martini at home.

You’re just seven steps away from guaranteeing your next holiday party has that extra touch of class. 


2 1⁄2 parts GREY GOOSE original
1⁄2 part chilled MARTINI dry vermouth
Dash of orange bitters
Lemon zest to garnish


1. Add ingredients into a mixing glass
2. Top with cubed ice and stir
3. Fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass
4. Garnish with lemon zest

1. A martini is a delicate drink, so it’s important to choose a high quality spirit like GREY GOOSE vodka for your base ingredient.

2. Use the new GREY GOOSE martini glass – this smaller than usual glass with a 20 degree tighter V-shape measures 4.5 oz. With a smaller glass and less surface to liquid ratio, your martini stays chilled for longer and is enjoyed as close as possible to the optimum temperature. A standard size glass (6-8 oz.) means liquid will warm up faster.

3. Always stirred, never shaken. Stir deliberately for 30-45 seconds, keeping the ice cubes intact to achieve the optimum temperature and level of dilution. Hint: Shaking results in ice breakage, which over dilutes the drink and will make it cloudy with ice chips on the surface. Too much water in a drink means it will warm up faster.

4. Chill everything – your base ingredients (vodka and vermouth), the martini glass and the mixing glass – to ensure your martini is enjoyed at the optimum temperature.

5. Serve in a 5:1 ratio – the signature GREY GOOSE martini is made using a ratio of 5:1 vodka to dry vermouth, the perfect balance of vermouth to accentuate the citrus notes in the vodka.

6. Garnish with a lemon twist. Peel with a vegetable peeler or a knife, but make sure to cut off the white pith as it creates unwanted bitterness in the drink.

7. Add a dash of orange bitters. This classic method is not often used in modern martinis, but adding a dash of orange bitters will add a hint of complexity that makes your martini Fly Beyond. Think of this as your secret ingredient.

And if creating an exceptional martini at home wasn’t notable enough, you’ll also have a chance to get the full Grey Goose martini experience in several of the country’s top restaurants during the holiday season by ordering the perfect martinii served up in a limited edition Baccarat Crystal glass (only 600 worldwide) in Toronto (Shangri-La & Ritz-Carlton), Montreal (Maison Boulud & Queue de Cheval), Vancouver (Bluewater Cafe & Bacchus) and Calgary (The Trib).

The question of whether to stay in or go out has never been so hard.



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