How to Live and More Notable Life in 2013

We speak of the Notable360 life at It sets a standard as to how we ultimately strive to live our lives and how we measure the success and influence of others. The four pillars of the Notable360 life are social life, professional life, charity life and living life. A Notable young professional is not someone who is simply making sweeping gains in their professional life. He or she is socially well rounded, and takes advantage of their city’s events, culture and culinary offerings. They create and seize opportunities to make a difference in the philanthropic realm – and that means more than getting done up and purchasing a ticket for a charity ball. Finally, they live a life balanced and well-lived, enriched with hobbies, a fit and active lifestyle and exploration. Here are a few tips (not to be called resolutions) to lead a more Notable life in 2013.

Decide on benchmarks as how you will measure your professional gains for the year. A year from now, how do you want to reflect upon your professional year? Write this down, store it away and revisit it halfway through the year – specifically in July, just when you may be beginning to slack as your brain enters “summer mode.”

No matter what your profession, make a point to increase your skillset by the end of the year. This may mean taking an extra course, learning something new on your own or picking the brain of a seasoned professional.  In other words, add professional value to yourself in some way.

Make a point to reply to texts and emails from friends right away. Any busy, multi-tasking professional knows that it is easy to lose contact with friends when work and work commitments take over. Instead of scrolling through your phone and replying to your backlog of texts and personal emails days later when work settles for a second, try to reply right away. 

Venture out of your circle. Make an effort to accept more opportunities to meet people outside your close-knit circle. You never know what business and personal connections may be made.

Try, if you can, to put yourself out in some way in the name of a good cause. Remember that this does not have to mean financially. Sit on a charity board, volunteer your time or services or help raise awareness for a cause that resonates with you. 

Research and discover a few new charitable initiatives in your city or even country this year. Even if you can’t support every cause you would like to, the first step in a charity becoming influential is awareness.

Try something new. This could be as ambitious as sky diving, level 5 white water rafting or something routine like adapting a new hobby or sport. 

What’s the point in living in cities as colourful and cultured as ours if we don’t take advantage of them? Make a point to check out local theatre, the arts and new restaurant and gallery openings this year.

Digitally disconnect once in awhile. You owe it to yourself. 

Here’s to a Notable 2013!