How To Have The Ultimate Food Crawl in Saint-Henri, Montreal

In recent years, Saint-Henri has become one of the most up-and-coming foodie destinations in Montreal.

Known for its authentic mix of cultural cuisines and vibrant artistic community, this fabulous neighbourhood also happens to be steps away from the beautiful Lachine Canal, which is home to one of the most scenic paths of the city.

To help you sample the best of Saint-Henri, I’ve rounded up a few delicious spots that should definitely be on your radar if you find yourself in this part of town.

So grab a friend and don’t forget your appetite!


Breakfast at Buck15

Recommended: ‘Avo yo’ toast aand a latte
This charming minimalistic coffee spot and toast bar brought the popular meal trend to the city and I would eat here every morning if I could. Their famous “Avo yo” toast (their take on avocado toast) comes with a perfect poached egg and dukkah, a blend of nuts, spices, and herbs.

Tip: Show up early – they only have a few seats and it’s usually busy for breakfast during weekdays. But it’s totally worth the wait, trust me.

3027 Rue Notre Dame O


Lunch at Foiegwa

Recommended: Onion soup and french fries, finished off with a chocolate mousse

Foiegwa is one of the latest additions to St-Henri. The much-anticipated spot has brought the ‘upscale French diner’ concept to life with its amazing branding and outstanding meals you’ll adore. Their lunch menu includes plenty of perfectly prepared comfort food, featuring classics like steak frites, beef tartare, and a top-notch onion soup. End your lunch with a sweet treat, their dark chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream is simply superb. You’ll regret it if you don’t have it!

Tip: They have a bar license so it’s 18+ only. Also, space is limited, call before to make sure you can get a table.

3001 Rue Notre Dame O


Coffee Break at September Surf Cafe

Recommended: Any brew and cheese toast

I always have an amazing experience at this coffee shop and it’s now my absolute favorite one in the area. Seriously – they take the basic coffee and afternoon snack combo to a new level. Plus, this relaxed and minimalist space has the perfect lighting and just recently opened an outdoor area. No wonder it’s the most Instagrammed spot of the year. Enjoy!

Tip: The scones are absolutely delish, get in there early so you can try one.

2471 Rue Notre Dame O


Dessert at Dalla Rose

Recommended: Ice cream sandwich of your choice

A creamy and dreamy scoop of ice cream is pretty much the perfect afternoon snack, amiright? Dalla Rose will impress you with six heavenly flavours and homemade cookies fresh from the oven. Do me a favor and try one of their ice cream sandwiches – I guarantee you’ll want to move to St-Henri afterward!

Tip: You can try the different flavours just before you make a final decision like I did. But don’t worry about picking the wrong one – they are all extremely good!

4609 Rue Notre Dame O


Dinner at Sumac

Recommended: Falafel plate with three salads, hummus and fresh lemonade

This Middle Eastern cafeteria has been around for a while in the ‘hood and it’s well known for serving epic falafels, homemade hummus, shawarmas, and salads. The restaurant’s charming brick wall interior and lovely staff don’t hurt either. Don’t leave without trying a falafel plate with a selection of salads. The Salade Cuite is my personal favourite on the menu.

Tip: Sumac is cafeteria-style, meaning you’ll order at the cash and then place a number on your table. Make sure you arrive early to find a comfy place.

3618 Rue Notre Dame O


Happy Hour at L’Gros Luxe

Recommended: Any cocktail maison

The franchise’s third location in the city, L’Gros Luxe is one of the city’s trendiest bars with a wide selection of cocktails and local beers. They have five cocktails maison and they are all wonderful. I enjoyed a Bourbon Lemonade with the crunchiest onion rings in my drink.

Tip: Nope, that last sentence wasn’t a typo – you can add food to your cocktails here. Mini burgers, onion rings or even chicken wings are all potential toppings.

2472 Rue Notre Dame O


Weekend Brunch at La Luncheonette

Recommended: Two eggs, home fried potatoes, bacon, beans and fresh fruit.

This cozy cafeteria serves delicious and classic brunch plates during the weekend at a reasonable price and a splendid staff. Think perfectly cooked bacon and eggs, just the way you like ‘em.

Tip: Find a spot on the terrace if the weather allows. It’s the perfect place to sip a coffee while reading a good book.

4271 Rue Saint-Jacques