How To Get Ready For Your First Morning Dance Party…Tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s the day.

WeRise is officially launching at The Everleigh in Toronto at 6am.

So WeRise is your first pre-work morning dance party and you’re probably thinking, OMG, what do I wear? What do I bring?

Just as we did at our first morning party, you have a lot of questions about how to prepare for this.

Not to worry. We’ve put together a list of things you can do that will make you look like a dance floor veteran – not that we heard you don’t already.

Buy Your Ticket
Yup, sounds obvious, but yoga tickets have already sold out so don’t miss out on the dance portion as well. Lucky for you, Notable is part of this event, which means we’re spreading the love to our fellow readers. Enter the promo code “NOTABLE20” for 20% off the event.

What to Wear
There are NO rules here – except that you just have to wear something. Gym clothes if that’s what you’re comfortable in, neon spandex if that’s your jam. Seriously, whatever you want. If you’re looking for an excuse to dress up as a carrot then all the power to you. Wear your suit pants and a t-shirt if you’re hopping into an office right after. Seriously, there are no rules here. Just be you.

You’re Going to Wake Up Early
Yes, (obviously) WeRise is a morning party. But don’t worry, it’ll give you more buzz than a triple espresso, and a hell of a lot more purpose too.

You Will Get Free Food
If you’re imagining a bunch of drunks like you saw on Friday night, you’ve got the wrong crowd. WeRise is about health, wellness, and starting your day with energy. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, you’ll have an incredible assortment of drinks, food, and giveaways.

You Will Not Meet a Single Do***ebag
No rude bouncers. No guest list to lie about. No roped-off VIP sections. Everyone is equal and WeRise is welcoming to all. It’s about being a community and sharing in the event’s collective energy.

Bring Your Friends
You’re probably thinking, “I’m so down for this, but no way my friends will want to do this with me.” Guess what…they’re thinking the same thing. Get the whole crew together to ensure an even better time.

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Get in the Mindset
Don’t be afraid…be open and ready to embrace the morning dance movement. It’s time to change your morning habits, instead of waking up groggy and tired, come to WeRise to start the day with energy and motivate yourself for the day ahead. Challenge your mind, let your body go, and accept how great it feels.

Get Ready to Have Some Fun
This is a dance party after all. Show up ready to rock and you’ll never see mornings the same way again.