How To File Your Taxes Online In As Little As 30 Minutes

Tax season is officially upon us.

But before you start freaking out because you don’t have a clue what a T4 or T4RSP is, take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay.

We get it – filing your taxes can seem like an overwhelming process. You’re busy, it’s complicated, you don’t want to have to ‘adult’ today – the list of excuses goes on and on.


Well, H&R Block has both downloadable and online software that makes filing taxes easier and more convenient for everyone. (We went with the online option ‘cause that’s where we live, but the downloadable software will stay on your desktop so you can work on it offline too). Not only is it 100 per cent free from start to finish, it’s also simple to navigate and can file everything from the easiest to most complex returns in a matter of minutes.


You hear that freelancers? You can also relax now.

And since this isn’t the 90s, the H&R Block Online and Download Software can be accessed from the comfort of your own home – no annoying CD-based software required.

To make filing even more convenient for users, H&R Block has also made their online software completely accessible on all smartphone and tablet devices, meaning you could start filing your tax return on your phone during your commute to work and finish it later at home when you have more time.

We’re also aware that the idea of filing on your own could cause another major freak-out, but don’t.  The software comes with a fresh design that grants users access to expert resources. Essentially, it’ll make you feel as though you have an accountant or tax professional guiding you through the entire process.

Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve broken down the entire filing process to show you just how easy filing with H&R Block’s Online Software actually is.

You begin your return by accessing H&R Block’s Online Software through the online portal. After creating an account, you’ll be shown what documents and slips you’ll need on hand to file. You then have the opportunity to import your previous tax return from other competitive filing programs like TurboTax or UFile.

Next, you’ll feel as if you’re on a first date as you’ll be asked to tell the software all about yourself, including basic personal information about your residency and family status.

You’ll then answer a series of questions about your year in review. Were you a student?  Did you receive benefits from the government? Or were you self-employed? But don’t worry, if any questions are confusing, there are thorough explanations of what every question is looking for.


Now come the important questions.

You’ll be asked about your job-related income and expenses from the previous year.  Here you can check off what slips you received and what credits and rebates you’re planning on claiming. If there are any expenses or credits that users don’t understand, the enhanced help feature will allow users to click on a Learn More button to read more about the topic.

Users can enter all of the information provided on their selected T-slips and expenses. As you enter in this information users can easily keep track of their refund on the software’s Refund-o-Meter. This amazingly named, game-show sounding feature allows you to see exactly what you’ll be receiving in real time – so you can mentally start planning your trip to Cuba as you file.

Once you’ve entered all of your personal slips and expenses, you can submit any additional deductions, which could include medical expenses, disability support, donations, political contributions, or any other special deductibles.

Before filing, you can select how you want to file and receive your return, whether by mail or electronically. You’ll be notified if there’s any information missing or incorrect fields. Another great aspect of this software is that if there are any mistakes, the user will be reimbursed.

Idiot. Proof.

The entire process will only take you between 20-30 minutes, depending on the complexity of your return. But you know what takes longer than 20 minutes? An audit.

In other words, thanks to H&R Block, you officially have no excuse not to file your taxes this year.