How to Dress For Diner en Blanc Toronto…And Still Win Free Tickets

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Since we already had our third (spectacular) Diner en Blanc edition in Calgary this year, we thought it would be nice to offer some style tips for our fellow fashion forward friends in Toronto.

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For us, Diner en Blanc Calgary turned out to be much more than a simply picnic where everyone happened to wear white. In fact, it was the ultimate social event of the year, complete with a sartorial twist of chicness.

Which should have you asking, what should I wear to the upcoming Diner en Blanc Toronto?

Well, since pulling off an all white outfit is not the easiest style task out there – especially if you’re going for something elegant that’s still comfortable enough to get through the night – here are our suggestions for the unforgettable Provence-style pop-up picnic…


For the Ladies:

1. There are simply so many options that deciding what to wear might be your most difficult choice. However, since you’ll have to pull off a monochromatic ensemble, try to impress with every detail – think bold jewellery and statement accessories. A crocheted umbrella or an extravagant fascinator will make all the difference.

2. If you can’t play with the colours, play with the fabrics and the silhouettes. A delicate lace or broderie Anglaise will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Try to avoid stiletto heels. Most of the time the event takes place in a venue that is more suitable for flats, platforms, or block heels. Walking around with a limp is never a good look.

For the Gentlemen:

1. Leave your white wedding tuxedo at home. Forever.

2. Sneak in a pale beige instead of white. You’ll look more sophisticated and not overdressed for the occasion.

3. If you choose a white blazer, make sure to add a bold printed pocket square to it. With a limited chances to ‘pop’, make sure you do it right.

4. The classic brown oxford or some navy suede loafers are the perfect addition to a white outfit. And you know what they say about big shoes…they look fantastic at Diner en Blanc.

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