How to Achieve a Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Beachy Wave

We all know that finding a good hairdresser is a daunting task and that once you have found the perfect stylist, you never want to let them go. A hairdresser not only does you hair, but can often turn into one of your closest friends. This is definitely the case with my hairdresser Trevor Odho and I.  

Trevor was born and raised in downtown Toronto. He has always had a love for art, particularly life drawing and clay sculpture. With this passion, he “accidentally” discovered his love for hairstyling when he accepted a summer job at John Steinberg & Associates Salon. He immediately went to school at Marvel Beauty School, Aveda Academy for Color, and took advanced cutting classes. Upon completion of school, Trevor took an apprenticeship at Shagg Salon. Trevor then worked at Fringe Salon for six and a half years and recently has moved on to Day and Night on Dundas West, where he does everything from men’s and women’s cuts to colouring and styling. 

I have always been envious of the body and seductiveness of a Victoria’s Secret model’s “beachy” wave. Today, Trevor showed us exactly how to achieve this look. 

What you will need: bobbie pins, a clip, a curling iron, a comb or a small brush and hair spray.

1. Clip all of your hair up and drop out small sections from the bottom of the neck.

2. As each piece of hair is curled, manipulate it into a rounded curl to emulate the look of a roller and bobbie pin the base of that curled section.  

3. Complete these steps throughout the entire head until you have an assembly of pinned barrel curls.

4. Generously hairspray the entire head from an arm’s length, so as not to over saturate and to avoid that “hardened” look.

5. Let the pinned hair sit for 5-10 minutes.

6. Remove the bobby pins from throughout the head. 

7. Tilt head forward and shake out the waves, massaging the scalp with fingertips to create additional body.

To book with Trevor, contact:

Day and Night
t: 647351-6483
1389 Dundas St. West, Toronto 

Photography by Evens Belleus.