How Sweet it Was: The McCord Museum Sugar Ball 2015 Was a Night to Remember

The 6th edition of the McCord Museum Sugar Ball came and went this week leaving a trail of candy in its wake and a record-breaking $165,000 raised. 

With over 1,000 guests in attendance, and many more left waiting in angst on the list, the room was filled with passionate young professionals, partygoers, and supporters of Montreal history.
The quirky and colourful set-up inside was a refreshing sign that spring has unquestionably arrived. Designed by the effervescent Circo de Bakuza, the once minimalistic Arsenal venue had a psychedelic “candy land” look and feel. The prop-filled photo booth sponsored by Lexus Park Avenue and Lexus Spinelli was the epicentre of the evening, allowing guests to walk away with hard copies of a night to remember.

At the start of the night, guests were presented with a variety of food stations from Montreal’s finest go-to restaurants, including Milos, Taverne F, Le Richmond, Ryu, Ferreira Cafe, Bevo, and Burgundy Lion, generously welcomed the VIP guests and filled their palettes with some salty notes.  

Then came the sweets.  

Massive jars of candy filled with childhood classics from Mondoux and new wave non-fat deliciousness from Squish really hit everyone’s sweet spot. In fact, the sugar high had guests dancing the night away to the beats of DJ YO-C and with a little help from Brahm Mauer’s premium alcohol selection.
While the drinks were flowing, Brahm Mauer, owner of Brahm Mauer Bar Services, expressed his dedication to committee: “Its such an honour to be involved with the McCord Museum and the Sugar Ball. From organizing all aspects with an amazing committee to mingling with some of Montreal’s finest young professionals, the Sugar Ball has become an all around rewarding experience that I look forward to being a part of for many years to come.”

The Sugar Ball committee, Chaired by Christine Lenis from Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, is a group of advent supporters of the arts and culture. All proceeds go to making Montreal social history accessible at the McCord Museum by way of vibrant exhibitions, educational activities, and the conservation of Montreal’s historical collections.
Adamo Mariani, a committee member, spoke to the success of the event and how it is spiraling into one of the most anticipated evenings of the year: “This organizing committee has found a way to take one of the most successful events in Montreal and make it even better. I must say it wasn’t easy, but when you have people like Christine Lenis as Chair and Brahm Mauer providing the bar service, you know it will be done right and to the highest of quality.”

The Museum holds one of the largest fashion and photography collections in Canada, with 1.5 million artefacts in Collections pertaining to fashion, photography, First Peoples, decorative arts, historical archives, and paintings.  

Don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance next year if you want to mingle with some of the movers and shakers of the Montreal social scene.  

Or if you just really like candy.


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