Hot Shop: Wine Aerator

Recently on Notable we have been profiling and explaining the different wine scenarios that all YPs should be familiar with in our Apothic Wine 101 series. This week’s Hot Shop product makes for a perfect pairing: The single glass wine aerator.

Sometimes you just want a glass of wine, one glass of wine. Whether you have to drive later, have a big morning, or simply prefer it, sometimes a single glass of wine is just enough. With that said, opening a bottle at home and immediately pouring that single glass of wine can often lead to a taste more bitter or dry than is preferred. We all know that wine tastes better when it breathes, but so often we are not willing to sacrifice a whole bottle in order to decant it properly. Most of us also don’t care to wait a half hour for our one glass to reach its top quality taste. So for those of you who enjoy wine at the height of its flavour and texture, but don’t want to pour out an entire bottle, or wait for it to sufficiently breathe, then the single glass wine aerator is the notable product for you. 

Just because you like to enjoy a single glass of wine at home on a Tuesday, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy it at its best. If your next wine time involves you sipping that single glass during a quiet moment alone, or if it happens spontaneously amongst a crowd, having an instant wine aeration system on-hand will help to ensure that your high quality wines (or the not-so-much) are enjoyed at the top of their taste. As a tool for adding just the right amount of air to your wine instantly, the single glass wine aerator has grown in popularity because, as according to many reviewers, and us, they work!   

There are a variety of aerators on the market, some with elaborate stands, and others that connect right onto the bottle. You will want to check out a few in order to get the function and style you prefer, but overall, these modernly designed aerators look cool and will surely add some style to your home bar, and impress at your next dinner party.

Our recommnedations? This one, which connects directly to the bottle. 

Top photo courtesy Sharper Image – also a great choice.