Hot Shop: The Watch to Watch

You’ve probably taken note of a Hamilton watch and wondered how you could get your hands (or wrist) on these versatile, sleek, yet classic timepieces. The Hamilton brand celebrates 120 years of design and has been a strong pioneer in the worlds of aviation, cinema, electronic and digital technology, but is also a leading brand for automatic timepieces in the $500-$2000 price range, producing watches that combine the North American spirit with innovative Swiss technology. The trusted company has a strong foothold in Hollywood, gracing the wrists of some big screen Tinseltown fixtures and appearing in over 400 films. Most recently, the coveted Hamilton watch scored screentime in A Good Day to Die Hard with Bruce Willis. Hamilton recently introduced its 2013 Novelty Time pieces, including two new Hamilton Exclusive Movements, as well as extensions to current lines. 

We thought we’d highlight some of our favourite pieces for the young professional (YP) male and female alike in the Hamilton Watch Jazzmaster collection. Why do we love them? You can dress them up or down, in everything from jeans and a crisp t-shirt to formalwear for an evening charity event, and they resonate with class, diversity and quality…because young professionals love options and looking good.

A dual existence is the ultimate magical ingredient of fairytales and fantasy movies, and Hamilton watches have appeared in a wide selection of films of this theme, from The Talented Mr. Ripley to Spiderman. Hamilton Watches treads new watchmaking ground in 2013 by applying the concept of dual identity to its latest innovation, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face2Face.

With a personality as multi-faceted as your own, avant-garde and classical embrace each other in a watch with two distinct looks to cater to your distinct mood. With this watch, there are literally two different sides to the design concept, and to the timepiece itself. A unique, rotating case contains two dials, one presenting a sophisticated “boy racer” chronograph with a smoky tint and edgy blue detail, and the other a calm, elegant three-hand timekeeper with integrated glistening, silver-coloured enhancements. The common element of the two contrasting faces is the decorated, skeletonized rotors, fully visible in the oval-shaped case. The two sides can accommodate different time zones, different frames of mind and, of course, different outfits. You’ll feel unique wearing this watch too – only 888 numbered pieces of the Jazzmaster Face2Face are being made, adding to the “special” factor of the piece. The watch retails for $6450 CDN.

For the ladies, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Lady Auto is a highly sophisticated automatic movement inside and out that confirms that technology and femininity can harmoniously unite. The watch’s modern material and lines work together to create a timepiece that clearly demonstrates that feminine charm has substance and can hold its own. Its form includes a round face that flows into an oval-shaped case form, with teardrop-shaped lugs and indices that capture and tease the eye of the beholder. As versatile as the Face2Face, The Hamilton Jazzmaster Lady Auto comes in a variety of interpretations, each one with its own distinctive identity.

Depending on your style, there is a model for you. You may opt for a stainless steel model with a stunning mother of pearl dial, prettily punctuated with 12 diamonds. Deviating away from the gold watch trend (and providing an excuse to bust out that silver jewellery), the watch features an elegant five-row shiny steel bracelet. For a splash of colour for the warmer months, the rose-coloured PVD version adds a romantic, feminine softness. Can’t make up your mind? Not to worry, there is a bi-colour option. Consistent with the brand’s favour of versatility, a highly practical attachment features an easy click spring bar that allows for the jewellery-style metal bracelets to be exchanged with a white leather strap – perfect for spring outfit choices. The watch retails for $1050 CDN.

Admittedly, the pieces are a little bit of an investment and may very well put a dent in your bank account, but they are sure to withstand the test of time in every way. Find more watches at the Hamilton watch website.