Hot Shop: Swarovski Dresses the iPad and iPhone

The just-released Swarovski Crystal-encrusted Samsung Galaxy and its $3000-plus price tag may be a little out of reach for most (and losing that phone would be a travesty), but the brand synonymous with sparkle offers other ways to incorporate the coveted crystals into your everyday life. Beyond the typical, these Swarovski covers provide a chic, bejewelled way to protect your beloved iPads and iPhones. 

Signa Black iPad Foldable Case
Sophisticated and versatile, this case is crafted in black quilted lambskin and adorned with a triangle motif in a gradation of crystals, from clear to Jet. It can either be opened like a book and laid flat, or conveniently used as a stand. Practical and easy to use, it comes with a fleece lining to avoid any scratches, and a snap fastener.

Article no.: 1162820
Size: 21 x 25 x 2 cm

Playtime Denim iPad Case
It’s fall, which means a return to denim; iPad cases like no exception. Adding a touch of glam, it is adorned with a strip of glittering Crystal Silver Shade Crystal Mesh. It also comes with a soft fleece lining and a snap fastener. 

Article no.: 1163061
Size: 21 x 25 x 1 cm

Splash Amethyst iPad Zip Case
For a bold touch of colour and a lean toward the trendy side, this amethyst nylon case features a black pattern enhanced with Amethyst and Jet Hematite crystals. Again, the inside is lined with soft fleece to keep your iPad looking pristine. Close the case using the black star-shaped zip pull.

Article no.: 1162821
Size: 20 x 26 x 2.5 cm

Strength Orange iPhone 4 Case
A great gift idea for the typical YP man, this sporty accessory is specially designed to fit the iPhone 4. Chic yet fun, the case is crafted in black calfskin and embellished with an orange and black webbing strap. The front displays a square stainless steel metal piece with Jet Hematite crystals.

Article no.: 1170924
Size: 6 x 11 x 2 cm