Hot Shop: Stella & Dot

It seems that nowadays we all have a friend, or a friend of a friend, selling the incredible jewelry line Stella & Dot. With the company nearing the billion-dollar mark, it’s no surprise to discover just how many young professionals are in love with this chic costume jewelry. Trendy, fun, and functional, Stella & Dot has superb, ever-evolving pieces, ideal for accessorizing any type of YP style. We chatted with one of Stella & Dot’s Independent Senior Stylists, Canadian YP Randi Pearson, and attended a Stella & Dot trunk show to find out more about this week’s Hot Shop product line.   

They get us
As young professionals, Stella & Dot knows just what we like: to look and feel beautiful, in our own unique ways, without going through too much work or spending too much dough. Within our busy YP lives, so many of us are on the go between work and social events, and we need a look that moves right along with us. Stella & Dot gets that. Flowing with ease from the boardroom to the bar stool, from the seminar to the soiree, Stella & Dot “creates jewelry that is both ‘on trend’ and easy to wear,” says Randi – and we agree. 

Luxury experience, doable prices
We asked Randi what makes Stella & Dot so notable for the young professional, and she emphasized the brand’s high-end style and affordable prices. “We offer unique pieces with versatility, amazing price points, and beautiful gift-ready packaging. Each piece is meticulously crafted by our own designers, model makers, and sample makers in a New York design studio.” Higher quality than your typical costume jewelry line, but more fun and affordable than your expensive “special-occasion” accessories, Stella & Dot products can be cherished forever or easily replaced for that next hot look. 

Trunk shows
Sold primarily through in-home trunk shows, Stella & Dot has succeeded with this often-difficult sales strategy because, as Randi states, “The product really stands out on its own and speaks for itself.” We attended a festive Stella & Dot party and asked other YPs what they loved about the product. The general consensus, as one party-goer so succinctly stated, was that Stella & Dot jewelry is “trendy, but not too trendy.” Additionally, guests loved the wide variety of looks, one commenting: “You can really present your own personal style.” As Randi explains, “Our in-home trunk shows are a fun upbeat experience like no other, and everyone leaves happy.” After our glasses of wine and numerous helpings of decorated sugar cookies, we made our order, and indeed left very happy. 

For an accessory line that’s as fun to purchase as it is to wear, is as trend-setting and on-the-go as we are, and is priced just the way we like, be sure to call up that friend of a friend and check out Stella & Dot.