Hot Shop: President’s Choice BBQ Essentials

Summer is synonymous with BBQ for the typical young professional. We have recently brought you the best in BBQs, BBQ techniques and cocktails to impress your cottage or BBQ guests this summer. We were missing one key component, however: edibles. This summer, President’s Choice has summer BBQ-loving young professionals covered with some very tasty new products from the PC Summer 2012 Insider’s Report. After all, most of us have a taste for something a little extra than the typical BBQ… 

PC Thins Red Pepper Round Buns
For the health-conscious YP, bread is approached with caution at the best of times. That’s why we were stoked a few years back when super thin buns were made their way into the market, and to our BBQs. Thinner buns complement sandwiches and burgers without overwhelming them, which means you can likely eat more than one and not feel that bloated too-much-starch feeling. Now, PC takes the idea a step further with PC Thins Red Pepper Round Buns. These gems feature the taste of dehydrated bell peppers, adding a bit of flavour without taking away the taste of your burger.

PC Caramelized Onion Relish
The name of this relish alone is enough to make mouths water. Containing ingredients like onions, brown sugar, vinegars, orange juice, red and port wine, dehydrated carrot extract and caramel colour (among others), this is definitely not the relish we grew up with.

PC Smoky Ketchup-Style Sauce
Ketchup is becoming more creative. This sauce features the taste of plum, fire-roasted tomatoes and dehydrated onion, infused with a natural smoke flavour, which will have your guests coming back to the BBQ for seconds. 

PC Maple Mustard
We couldn’t leave out mustard. What says Canadian BBQ better than maple-flavoured mustard? You don’t need a lot either – a little does the job just fine. This is sure to please your guests, whether used as a topping or brushed onto food before grilling.

So, before packing up the car for the cottage or before the friends arrive for your next BBQ, think of spicing up your meal with buns and condiments that go above and beyond the expected.