Hot Shop: North American Quality Purveyors

There is no denying the growing trend to buy things locally, due in part to the ethical aspect of how garments are produced today. After hearing some of the horror stories about working conditions for people who are employed by garment factories in places like Bangladesh, it’s much more attractive to buy products that are made closer to home. Kyle Van Der Velden, a new shop owner in Inglewood, gave us the scoop on why he decided to support this growing trend of local clothing and what kinds of cool fashion you can expect to see at his new store, North American Quality Purveyors.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born in Berkeley, California, but moved to Calgary when I was three weeks old. I have had Calgary as my home base my entire life, minus a year when I was 10 and lived in France. I have worked in the public sector for the last eight years or so, with youth at risk, teen with addictions, and finally in adult community corrections.

What inspired you to open up the store?
I have been researching and buying North American-made goods for the last three years or so, almost exclusively. I was impressed that so many brands were choosing to make clothes/accessories themselves instead of off-shoring their production. I truly believe that you will find higher quality products when the creator/designer is also hands-on involved in the production. It’s also noteworthy that by keeping production “local” in North America, these small companies are creating/maintaining jobs in our countries, further adding to our economic development. 

The more I looked into the small, mostly independent brands, the more I became invested in following and supporting them. Each brand has a unique story, creator and history behind it. It was easily apparent that I was supporting people, rather than a faceless corporation. I mean, these guys would personally respond in emails, Instagram or sometimes even answer the phone if you called them. 

Once I had bought into these brands, I noted that I was for the most part unable to attain these goods without shipping them to Calgary or travelling far to get my hands on them. Calgary is a big city with a diverse population, yet there wasn’t a whole lot of diversity for shops that were offering the unique, casual styles and brands of which I wanted to buy and wear – so I decided to start one myself. 

What are some of the key brands you carry?
I’d say the key brands that we carry are Tellason made in San Francisco, Gitman Vintage made in Ashland, Pennsylvania, Rogue Territory made in Los Angeles, Topo Designs made in Denver, Colorado, Muttonhead made in Toronto, Hors de Combat made in Calgary, and Dehen 1920 made in Portland, Oregon. And many more, all of which were carefully considered as I was hoping to bring in many brands that were not already represented in our city’s shops. 

Can you sum up the store in a few words?
High quality clothing, with character, meant to age with you. 

What are the must-have items for guys in Calgary this fall?
– Tellason Coverall chore coat in International Orange
– Our exclusive Olive Waxed Canvas Down Shirt by Crescent Down Works
– Muttonhead Heavyweight Terry Crewneck Sweatshirts
– Dehen 1920 Varsity or Shawl Collar Cardigan (will be in store by November).

And, fellas, always need a great pair of well-fitting jeans.

North American Quality Purveyors is located at 1207 10th Avenue SE and is the latest addition to the cool neighborhood shops that you can explore in Inglewood. Gents, make sure you stop in here for your fall fashion needs.