Hot Shop: Mini Mioche

Is it just us, or does it seem that a lot of babies are born in the summer months? We guess it makes sense, if you consider the beginning of young professional hibernation season to be late October. Either way, when the baby arrives or for the shower pre-baby, countless young professionals, clueless and inexperienced in the baby department, are faced with the dilemma of what to buy for the baby. Mini Mioche can help with their unique gifts for babies newborn to six years old. Veering away from cutesy and mass-produced, the Toronto-based company has you covered when it comes to baby gifts. 

Instead of taking the cute route, Mini Mioche produces clothing that is essentially a mini version of what we would wear. Most YP aunts and uncles have historically been the bearers of “cool” gifts and tend to dress their nieces and nephews like themselves as a result. From t-shirts to footwear, like Fry boots, Toms, Converse, Native, Sorel and Tretorn, Mini Mioche is guaranteed to produce the best-dressed baby on the block. Covering the basics, the line features a collection of onesies and rompers, some complete with a hipster touch, with text like “Straight from Parkdale” and “Trinity Bellwoods Baby” for the Toronto mini-me. To complete the look are Babiators sunglasses, a collection of fedoras and beanies.

Aiming to leave as little a carbon footprint as possible, the company uses organic cotton for all Mini Mioche clothing, reusable dye for its fabrics, water-based prints for graphics and recycled material for all printed materials, from hand tags to catalogues. All products are designed and made in Toronto. In terms of toys, the brand stays clear of generic Toys R Us-esque products and instead opts for handmade alternatives, rich with character and detail.

For Toronto YPs, the Mini Mioche flagship store is now open at 795 Queen Street West. Products can also be purchased online and the company ships throughout the country as well as internationally for baby-making friends and family in the United States.

For stores that carry Mini Mioche, click here.