Hot Shop: Dolbeau

It’s May and fashion-conscious young professionals know that it’s time to freshen up accessories for the warmer months. As a matter of fact, summer is a good time to rotate accessories on a regular basis, which is why Montreal-based men’s accessory line Dolbeau has recently launched limited weekly editions of handcrafted luxury menswear. Reflecting the vibrant Montreal culture, these high-quality men’s accessories have character and style, and are anything but typical.

Each week, an edition of up to six products will be released so you can indulge on quality accessories as much as you want this summer. The editions follow a central theme and are accompanied by a beautiful and informative editorial “blog post” describing the products and how to wear them. Products include ties, scarves and lapel flowers. “The editions concept gives us the opportunity to show our customers what makes each product really special,” said David Gross, one of the Dolbeau co-founders.  


Attention to detail, quality and good design is key, especially on our accessories. That’s why the YP man (and stylish dad for Father’s Day) will appreciate the addition of high quality materials like custom-made bone buttons from Italy, small-batch wool from the UK and incredible Japanese cottons and linens. Dolbeau also exclusively uses premium Gütermann thread to complement the fabric quality – after all, it is what holds the garment together. 

The control the company has over its production is what ensures such quality. Everything is designed in-house, from the garment patterns to the finished products and from the back-end of the company’s web servers to the front-end of its website. It is for this reason that Dolbeau offers extremely small batch luxurious fashion, with all products extremely limited edition and most made-to-order. After all, the typical YP male doesn’t want to be sporting the same accessories as the guy at the bar beside him. 


Dolbeau has been designing, manufacturing and selling its products online since 2010 and delivers weekly limited editions of handcrafted luxury menswear to savvy YPs across the country. 

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