Hot Shop: Casetagram iPhone and iPad Cases

Summer time is for pictures to capture that cottage weekend, European vacation or hot summer outfit you wore to that party last week. Especially with our Instagram addiction, it seems we have so many pictures that we don’t know what to do with them. Why not decorate your iPhone or iPad case with your favourite Instagram shots so that they are always literally at your fingertips? With Casetagram, you can easily drag your favourites to an online template to create a masterpiece of a collage that is then printed onto an iPhone 4/4S case or iPad cover and shipped right to you. 

All designs are printed on an easy snap-on, shiny, hard case made with quality material for both types of cases. In creating your case, you can opt for a white, black, or transparent background colour; the only difference being whether you want to see the sides of your phone or prefer a cool solid black or white surrounding. The site offers several different kinds of photo layouts, but for the newer iPad version you are limited to a 5×7 grid (35 pictures). You can also choose to keep your Instagram photos in full colour or grayscale. 

Pick your favourite pics quick, though; for a limited time the company is offering free international shipping. 

iPhone case: $35
iPad case: $55

Photos courtesy Casetagram