Hot Shop: Bright Eyes for Him and Her

Let’s face it: as we get a little older, we don’t always look as bright-eyed as we once did after a late night on the town or consecutive nights of little sleep thanks to work commitments. Here are two of our favourite eye products to help give your eyes that often needed, sometimes necessary added youthful boost. You can thank us later.

FOR HER: Peptalash
Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up in the morning with long, thick lashes that have nothing to do with falling asleep in last night’s makeup? This may be achieved in just two weeks and $25 later with Peptalash, the newest eyelash serum on the market that is formulated by Indeed Labs and conveniently available at Shoppers Drug Mart. It delivers those longer, thicker, fuller lashes that you’ve been jealous of others of your entre life.

This new must-have product comes with a long, slim handle that makes it easy to apply to the base of your upper and lower eyelashes in the morning and before bed. The whole process takes 30 seconds. Peptalash intensifies and darkens the lash line and boosts the lashes with the help of a patent pending peptide that naturally boosts the pigmentation process of the skin on the lash line and stimulates melanin production. In three in-vivo clinical studies, lash length was shown to increase up to 43% and diameter by 40%; almost three times the volume. After a week of use, we do indeed already notice our eyes have a little extra pop to them, mascara or not. The best part? The product has no side effects, even to the most sensitive of eyes.

Peptalash ($25) is available across Canada exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

FOR HIM: Clinique Dark Spot Corrector
A woman can tell a lot from a man’s eyes. Cinique’s new Dark Spot Corrector serum erases evidence of hard living during your younger days. It works to visibly reduce the appearance of sun spots, dark spots, and acne scars on all skin types and tones, and is specially formulated for a man’s skin. In just four weeks, the product promises to reduce the appearance of dark spots and produce more even-looking skin. In 12 weeks, the skin is visibly improved in terms of dark spots, texture and tone. An additional bonus? Tests showed it also helps reduce those pesky and sometimes painful ingrown hairs.