Hot Off the Cold Press: Dose Juice

There’s a hot new juice in town and it may just make you hop on the fresh and fruity bandwagon. If you’ve had trouble swallowing green juice mania (literally), you may want to give it another go. With its awesome taste, arty aesthetic and cool kid vibe, Dose is quickly, if not already, becoming Montreal’s answer to more intense juice cleanses that don’t quite sit right on the palette. The best part? They’ll deliver right to your door. 

First thing’s first: Dose is serious about their juices. With only top quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology, all you’re getting is 100% raw and organic fresh-pressed fruits and veggies. Dose’s specialized Norwalk juicer extracts five times as much nutrients as traditional juicers,  meaning your body gets the most of the good stuff and nothing else. “It’s time we cut out the whole processed food thing,” says co-founder Rapheal Hubert. “It’s about transparence and simplicity and taking control of what we consume.”  

Forget that freshly mowed lawn taste. Dose juices, with catchy names like Samba, Hippie and Taxi, are just as tasty as they look. And it’s no surprise: Raph and co-founder Geneviève Brousseau Provencher are serious foodies with a passion for healthy living. Dose has all the goodness without losing focus on taste; fusing sweet pineapple with a subtle minty freshness, Taxi will have you savouring every sip. Tango is nothing short of bottled sunshine, bursting with disease-fighting anti-oxidants and vitamins. 

Find your Dose at:
Victoria Park 
Humble Lion
Le Couteau 
and many more locations throughout the city.

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