Holiday Looks to Wear When Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents

Celebrating the holidays with a new significant other can be challenging. Do you buy them a gift? Do you invite them to your holiday work party? Then comes the biggest challenge: your partner wants you to meet their parents.

Don’t panic, you can get through this.

Yes, meeting someone’s folks can be intimidating, especially during the most hectic time of year and when there is most likely tons of other relatives around (it looks like great aunt Karen is into the egg nog again).

But there is one sure-fire way you can impress them as soon as you arrive: with a kick as* outfit.

When it comes to meeting someone’s parents, all you need to get across is that you’re presentable and you have it together.

So we’ve come up with some outfits that are guaranteed to get you the stamp of approval during any situations you might have over the holiday season.


Brunches are a great way to get people together in a totally relaxed setting. One perk of the early morning get-together is that you can go knowing that you won’t be there for a long period. Make sure to indulge in a pre-meal mimosa to ease your nerves.

For Her:
Wearing a turtleneck is a great way to show that you are classy lady.  Pair a nice turtleneck with a pair of jeans and ankle boots. Add a pearl necklace for an instant touch of sophistication.

For Him:
A sweater is a great choice for a guy to wear to brunch. Pair with dark jeans and a pair of desert boots for a clean look. Make sure you wear a crew neck or button up sweater and avoid anything with a loud pattern.

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Holiday Dinner At Home.
This is probably the most common place you might meet someone’s parents.  This is an event that revolves around food and drinks and you will most likely spend your night crammed on a sofa chatting with your partner’s relatives and petting the family cat. There is no need to get overly glammed up for this, so dress comfortably.

For Her:
Chances are you will be spending several hours at this dinner, so you want to dress up but still remain casual. Go with a loose-fitting dress, a pair of tights, and comfortable ankle boots.

For Him:
A clean dress shirt is a must-have at a family dinner party. Pair a dress shirt with dark pants and wear dress boots for a polished look. Make sure to wear a clean pair of matching socks in case you are required to take off your shoes.


Airport or Train Station:
A lot of first meetings take place at an airport or train station. Whether you are picking parents up or you and your significant other are the ones being picked up, you still need to make it look like you put some effort into your appearance.

For Her:
The perfect travel look for her could include a pair of comfortable, fitted boyfriend jeans, a plaid shirt, a cozy sweater and a pair of ankle boots. Boyfriend jeans are great because they are loose while still looking presentable.

For Him:
Wear a pair of jeans and a button up or denim shirt for a clean look. You can wear a cardigan sweater over top in case it is cold. Pair this look with a pair of brown combat boots.


While there wont be much time to mingle during church, there will still be time for introductions and goodbyes.  You need to wear something that is respectable and presentable.

For Her:
Wear a knee-length dress with a pair of tights and a cardigan. Pair with a pair of black flats or simple black heels. This look will allow you to be comfortable while still looking demure enough for church.

For Him:
Whatever you do, don’t arrive in jeans. That is an instant fail. Wear a pair of dark dress pants, paired with a dress shirt or sweater and dress shoes for a sophisticated look.


In the Morning:
If you received the invite to spend the night at your partner’s parents, you are going to be required to look presentable first thing in the morning. Don’t get too comfortable and waltz into the kitchen in pyjamas, or a bra and underwear. No matter how chill some folks may be, you still need to act like a proper guest.

For Her:
The first thing on the agenda will most likely be breakfast, so you still want to be comfortable. Wear a pair of black leggings with a longer flannel button-up shirt and cozy cardigan. You will look effortlessly put together.

For Him:
Sweatpants can be considered too casual, but a nice pair of jogging pants would work. Wear a clean t-shirt and a nice sweater. Avoid any graphic prints; neutral colours work best.