Holiday Gifts You Didn’t Know She Wanted

Gentleman, this is our gift to you.

Instead of spending hours wandering the mall aimlessly this holiday season, just keep reading below instead.

‘Cause we asked 14 young professional women (from 23 to 38) what gifts they’d actually like to receive this holiday season. So pay attention – and start shopping.

1. “A facial at a hotel spa. I would rarely splurge or take the time away for something like that for myself so it’s a really nice gift to receive.”
Sarah, Art Director, 32


2. “A vintage copy of a favourite classic novel.”
– Lisa, Writer, 27


3. “A luxurious cashmere robe is a splurge, but a lifetime staple in your closet.”
Melissa, Event Designer, 29


4. “A yoga membership, fitness classes, or some sort of boxing, because women want to be in shape these days.”
– Victoria, Interior Decorator, 27


5. “A Tobi steamer. It fits in your closet and cuts your dry cleaning bill in half.”
Lauren, Blogger, 24


6. “A juicer is a great gift that allows her to make her own juices and save money.”
– Shontelle, Entrepreneur, 38


7. “A year-long yoga pass is great for every woman as it promotes mental and physical awareness.”
– Liz, Psychologist, 35


8. “A trip for January always gives me something to look forward to during one of the coldest winter months.”
– Serina, Retail Owner, 31


9.Timeless items such as vintage Chanel brooches can act as an heirloom, or a Moncler jacket is also great as it’s both fashionable and practical for a true Canadian winter. An 11-inch MacBook Air is also a wonderful gift for today’s mobile work life, as it’s a slim fit for most stylish day bags and light and easy to carry.”
– Tran, Event Personnel Owner, 29


10. “I love receiving a bunch of everyday, little stocking stuffer items such as panty hose (because we blow through those quickly), refresh hair spray (as an alternative to powder dry shampoo), false eyelashes, double sided tape, and Tea Tox tea as a treat for your body.”
– Christine, Yoga Instructor, 23


11. “Tickets to her favourite upcoming concert are always a great gift.”
Anna, Artist, 26


12. “I would love getting a weekend away in Collingwood at the Scandinave Spa – Blue Mountain.”
– Luisa, Physical Therapist, 30


13. “If she’s a caffeine lover, espresso with pods or a coffee press machine would be perfect.”
– Rebecca, HR Manager, 29


14. “I always love getting something that makes me feel beautiful, whether it’s jewellery or lingerie or even something as simple as a silk scarf. Something that he chose for me that says that he loves looking at me.” 
– Katie, Artist, 32


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