Highlights from FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week: Day One

The Front Row Insights team from JWT Canada advertising agency was on scene today at Advertising and Marketing Week in Downtown Toronto. Here’s what you need to know from Day 1 of AdWeek. 

“Compared to the next 20 years, nothing has happened yet. We’re at the beginning of the beginning,” said Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick and Founding Executive Editor of Wired. In one of the first sessions of the week, he spoke about the future technologies of disruption, things like social media, and big data, among others, especially in the communications industries and how we’re just at the beginning of seeing their impact across industries. Consider that we’ve only had social media for 5,000 days – the biggest breakthroughs are still yet to come. 

Top Six Takeaways from Day One:

1. The more a brand knows about you, the more it can offer you (there’s value in transparency).

2. Canada is a force to be reckoned with – we’re more than just Rob Ford or the Biebs – and large global marketers are beginning to acknowledge that.

3. Learn from the US: we’re starting to shop more like Americans BUT need to be cautious about overspending as more US retailers travel north of the border and competition increases.

4. Attention creates influence; the more attention you get, the more influential you can be.

5. Productivity tip: “Email is someone else’s to-do list,” said Kevin Kelly of Wired.

6. To engage is to entertain and to entertain is to build love for your brand or business.

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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