High Performance Rodeo Unleashes Mid Winter Fun

Christmas is over and we’re in the darkest part of winter… but lucky for us, High Performance Rodeo starts this week. Over the next month, there will be a surplus of fantastic events going on downtown to shake everyone out of the winter doldrums. In past years, HPR has entertained crowds with outdoor DJ shows in Olympic Plaza, bawdy Mexican wrestling matches in the Big Four Building, and envelope-pushing theatre that all ages can appreciate in. 2014 is no different, and to get you warmed up for what’s sure to be another great year, we’ve come up with a shortlist of happenings you should definitely attend:

Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata:
This performance is inspired by the age of everything digital, an age we currently inhabit. Bill Richardson and Veda Hille explore our obsession with Facebook, Twitter, text, email and the plethora of online apps we are glued to during our waking hours. You’ll be amused as the actors recount all the things bought and sold on Craigslist and what that says about us as human beings.

Munich Now
This play pays tribute to the many bizarre television programs that are part of our lives. Munich Now takes place on the set of a German talk show and revolves around a television host, a celebrity chef and a has-been pop star on a book tour. If you enjoy absurdity, this will be right up your alley. This play begins on January 14th and you can only purchase tickets at the door two hours prior for the first show.

10-Minute Plays
This is an exhilarating effort in improv theatre. Several of Calgary’s top theatre companies will be given one line of dialogue, one prop and one day to come up with their very own original play, which is sure to yield some unexpected moments on stage.

Wine stage
The big finale to HPR is the much-loved Wine Stage that involves some of Calgary’s top restaurants and wine shops coming together for a great night of food and wine sampling. This year, Wine Stage will be held at Gasoline Alley in Heritage Historical Village. Participating Restaurants and wine shops include: Brava Bistro, Cookbook Company, Shef’s Fiery Kitchen, Kensington Wine Market, J Webb, Richmond Hill, Banff Wine Store, Vinestone Wine Co, Metrovino, Vinearts and Bin 905. 

Throughout the month of January, you can look forward to learning more about HPR’s Gob Squad performances, the Garter Girl’s burlesque show during Cabaret week, and many other exciting events that will be bringing Calgary’s downtown to life during the coldest part of the year. 

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