Hey Montreal, You Think You Can Rap?

Prove it.

Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal, where even the nerdiest of dudes and dudettes spit lyrics on stage to Wu Tang, is back with its 25th edition on September 18th at the Belmont

Not sure what this epic event is all about? Here’s the break down.

Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal (HHKMTL) has been in existence for almost three years now, and aims to pay homage to the most celebrated rap icons by inviting performers to mimic their favorite rappers in a non-traditional karaoke fashion. The distinction between HHKMTL and other Karaoke nights lies in the prohibition of reading lyrics off a teleprompter.

That’s right: HHKMTL performers get on stage and memorize their tracks.

Nervous? Maybe you should be.

This time around, HHKMTL will be collaborating with one of our favorite local initiatives, POP Montreal, as part of the local festival’s official programming. The bonus – POP Montreal festival pass-holders will be granted access to this event.

Besides being able to cheer on your buddies and ‘get down’, the night will also be providing major giveaways. And who doesn’t like freeish (that’s almost-free-but-not-quite in slang, in case you don’t read Urban Dictionary)?

Keeping with the ‘Back to School’ theme and annual tradition, Concordia University’s radio station CJLO will be hosting a broadcast on the waves of 1690am live from the Belmont. Emcees from hip hop segment Phantastiq Cypha will be interviewing performers and having fun with the crowd all night long giving you a chance to earn your three minutes of fame.

If this isn’t the coolest way to bond, impress, humour, or in some cases, scare away your colleagues, friends, or date, we don’t know what is.

To get an idea of what will be in store, check out some classic moments from the previous HHK on July 12th here Chocolate Jungle at HHKMTL, here Lindsay’s Ladies – TLC- What About Your Friends, and here Zexy Nights- Fugees – Ready or Not.

For more clips, photos, news, and ticket information, check out HHKMTL’s official website.  

And start practicing. ‘Cause this here’s a jam for all the fellas…’



Images: CAMUZ/Chatal Levesque

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