Here’s Why You Should Travel in Fall

Summer is most certainly long gone, and for many young professionals (YPs), fall time equals full-force work time. But as the cooler weather sets in and the memories of summer fun slowly fade away, some begin to develop an itch to change up that usual routine and begin pondering a different sort of productivity: travel. The idea of taking time off from work doesn’t always have to stem from a desire for relaxation or party-time, but can be born from a need for adventure, education, and personal enlightenment (and to do so at a manageable price). Between the fun of summer vacation, and the indulgence of Christmas holidays, consider taking time off this season for a different kind of break, one for the sake of pure travel. 

To highlight the specific merits of fall-time travel, we’ve enlisted the know-how of two YP travel pros, full-time travel blogger and videographer Cailin O’Neil (with thirty countries under her belt) and long-time travel professional and Owner of LA Travel Group Chris Lucas. They tell us just why this, right now, may be our best time to take off. 

Why now?
As blogger Cailin puts it, those people looking exclusively for sun and heat are best off travelling to hot spots during peak season. For those looking to travel for almost every other reason, fall, which is also called the ‘shoulder season’ or ‘off-peak season’ can be the best time to travel. The costs of everything, she says, from flights to hotels, car rentals and more, are a lot cheaper during this time of year. This is also when fewer people are traveling, so there are less crowds and less time to wait in lines. Sure, it might be a bit colder, but having to put on a jacket will be worth the experience of paying less and getting to see and do things a lot quicker. Travel agent Chris also points out that a lack of summer heat can actually make venturing around a lot easier, and a lot more enjoyable. Additionally, he has found that fewer crowds of tourists allow for greater chances of true cultural experiences, like mingling with locals.

Top spots
According to our experts, there are certain regions of the world that make for better fall travelling than others. Both agree that Canada, the US, and Europe are awesome fall destinations due to an abundance of things to see and do, as well as the beautiful changing fall colours, and, of course, the cheap prices and smaller hoards of tourists. Mexico, the Caribbean, and parts of South America, however, are not the best choices, due to it being the rainy season with chances of hurricanes. Though it is the cheapest time of all to travel to this region, Cailin suggests to do your research and check to see when the rainy season is in the area you want to visit, as arriving in a place where it rains for a month straight may not be the best place to spend your time.

When it comes to premium fall vacation spots, the pros tell us that Australia is about the best you can get. It’s spring there right now! “The Canadian fall/Australian spring is probably the best time of the year to visit Australia,” says Cailin, “where the weather is around 25-30 degrees, and there isn’t a rush of tourists yet.” 

Just go!
Whether you are on a budget, loath fanny pack-laden tourists, or seek a more true cultural experience, the fall months offer a unique opportunity for travel that is unlike any other time of the year. As the saying goes, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer,” so add some culture and experience to your growing YP portfolio and get going.