Here’s Why it’s Great to Live in Bridgeland

The inner city community of Bridgeland is one of Calgary’s hidden gems. Often overlooked by surrounding neighbourhoods Kensington or Inglewood, it has started to get a lot more attention as of late.  Here are a few reasons why:

Diner Deluxe, Blue Star Diner, EOB, etc. This area is well known for brunch. Long lines of Calgarians flock to the area every weekend. The benefit to living nearby is putting your name on the wait list, walking a few steps back home, and enjoying a brew or maybe a mimosa while you wait in comfort to receive the call letting you know your table is ready.

Non-Stop Activities.
Run, walk or bike along one of Calgary’s many paved pathways in the area. Choose north, south, east or west. It is easy to connect with any of the surrounding areas using the paths.

Pamper Yourself.
For the ladies, Bridgeland is home to Red Bloom, one of Aveda’s accredited salons as well as a handful of nail and massage spas. For the guys, 1st Ave Barber has a constant line-up of men looking for a fresh cut. Rumour has it our mayor gets his fade here, so it must be good.

Wine and Dine.
You never have to step far from home to get a good wine list and a unique menu.  Carino and The Black Pig are just a few of the top-notch restaurants in this area.  

Luke’s Drug Mart.
This mom and pop drugstore carries everything from Pendleton blankets to organic crackers.  They have also added a Stumptown coffee bar, which is the best spot to get your morning coffee.

Fit a trip to Bridgeland into your weekend plans and see for yourself – you might even start looking for a new place to live soon. 


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