Here’s What Women Like Most About Penises…And it’s Definitely Not Size

Whether young professionals are willing to admit it or not, sex is on their mind just about as much as anything else. Which can sometimes lead to insecurity.


Well, stay flaccid, gentleman, ’cause it turns out women don’t care about size. At all.

A recent scientific study, amazingly titled “What is a Good Looking Penis,” examined which details of a dude’s dong were most appealing to a group of varyingly-aged women. Eight identifiers – penile length, penile girth, position and shape of the meatus (urethra), shape of glans, appearance of scrotum, shape of penile skin, appearance of pubic hair, and general cosmetic appearance – were evaluated on a scale of 1 (very unimportant) to 5 (very important).

The findings determined grooming is more desirable than girth, and general cosmetic appearance is preferred over length. Predictably, no one really cares about a member’s meatus. Scrotums also possess a considerable amount of leeway in how they present themselves. Full results below:


Indeed, a rod’s reach holds (figuratively) less weight than how a man chooses to sculpt his wang weed, making size only the sixth-most important factor that determines whether your Johnson is well received in or around a woman.

It turns out what you learned in your P.E. locker room is just a phallacy.